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Finding the Other Me

Have you ever heard yourself saying

"That's not me"

"I'm not like that"

"Its not something that I would do"

"I didn't recognise myself"

"I don't like myself"

"I would do things differently if only"

"I don't do that"

"I used to be like that but now...."

I know that I have and that is what prompted me to base my transformation coaching on "FINDING THE OTHER ME".

There is a misconception that by changing what we can see everything will be ok. To a point it does give a temporary solution, but to get to the point where you really are happier, more fulfilled, brave, funnier, more accepted, confident, takes more than that.

There is a shift where some of these things happen but and this is the catch. transforming yourself isn't simply about changing the external person, the way we look to ourselves and others, it is about getting to the core of our beliefs, what is inside of us and how we once decided that this was who we were and there was no negotiation.

Having trained and coached thousands of clients as an Army PT Instructor, Personal Trainer, Coach and a NLP Master Practitioner and ARNI Functional Rehabilitation and Exercise Trainer after Stroke, over the past 35 years I realised early on in my career that when many people reached their, health, fitness, weight loss, business, sales or financial goals....

* They were still unhappy with themselves

* They were still miserable with the world

* They still blamed other people for the bad things that happened in their lives.

* Were sill unable to move on from what had happened to them.

They were still looking for something outside of themselves to solve the real problems.

The resentment was eating them up that somehow it was someone else's fault and the one thing that they didn't want to do was look closer to home. What would happen if they did?

When I began working with the internal belief system of my clients this was an incredible turning point for me as a coach and them as my clients. By shifting their focus from wanting what they had before they became sick, overweight, out of shape, redundant and unhappy with who they were, to focusing on who they are now and what they have in their lives that would enhance them right now THE MAGIC BEGINS TO HAPPEN.

Transformation means many things and we all see this in our own unique way.


Susan was constantly unhappy with her weight and searching for the answers and the right diet plan. She tried every diet and read every book and even changed her Personal Trainer 6 times to find the right one but nothing met up to her expectation and they just didn't work for her. Something was not quite right for her, it just wasn't achievable. She believed she put in the effort and went to the gym when she could she ate a healthy diet and had good intention and she knew that when she said she was changing her diet or fitness her family said they would support her. When people asked how she was getting on she would say

Well its difficult but I will get there in my own time.

I am doing everything I can but its not working

how I want it to work

I will get there one day

I just haven't found the right plan for me.

Often we do things not for ourselves but because of the expectation of others, what we see in the media, what we think is the way we should be or ought to be rather than what we want to be. We model our behaviour on what we learned at home and from what people said to us as we grew up so did Susan see her family doing the same things as she did and if so was she focusing on the problems rather than choosing her own outcome?

Susan blamed her lack of success on other factors constantly changing from one plan to another and focusing on the problem with that diet, or that trainer and by shifting her motivation and focusing on the problem she was sabotaging her ability to move toward a positive outcome because she was being motivated to move away from what she didn't want rather than towards what she wanted. Susan just needed some help to have a clear understanding of what she really wanted her outcome to be


John was 54, he ran his own business of 4 successful fish and chip shops in the North of England. He had a young son on 6 years old. John loved his food and wine. Running the business was stressful and worked long hours. He was away away from home sometimes with suppliers. He would entertain and likewise they would too with a dinner and of course good wine and good food. John however didn't feel well, he was obese in weight and his skin looked terrible it was inevitable that when he went to the doctors the combination of a poor lifestyle and stress had taken its toll when he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and onset Type 2 diabetes. John rarely ate fresh food, didn't drink water daily but did drink coffee and when he was working ate from his shop. He didn't want to be ill and came to see me. With such a young son he knew that if he didn't change then he would miss so much of his life. We didn't need to look far to discover his motivation.

If you are like Susan and John then take a moment to ask yourself

What do I really want?



This Year

Next Year

In 5 Years

For my Health

For My Life

Are you moving away from feeling ill or overweight or towards feeling Healthy and Fit?

Do you want to discover your true potential?

Work with me on your personal blueprint for transformation you will begin to understand just how magnificent your life can become and you have had the answers within you all the time.

Message me if you need help with your transformation and lets change you direction by "FINDING THE OTHER ME"

I run Body Transformation workshops every 2 months in Hove near Brighton the next one is on 8th June cost is £30. Come along and find out how I can help you


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