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Don't mess with my balls .......I have a major health issue but I'll start dealing with that

Obesity is a big issue (excuse the pun). I have spent the most of my life as a trainer working with weight related issues. I have tried and tested every new fad diet, training program (well not every but an awful lot!), new innovations in sport and fitness, sports equipment that promises a pert bottom to everyone regardless of weight and genetics? Clothing that will miraculously change the way you look and feel in a instant? (where does all that fat go when you put on your spanks)? It's still there just sitting under you chin instead of your gut.

Oh and before I forget the cabbage soup diet, maple syrup diet (are you kidding me and just because I love them protein balls (don't go there!).

So have you ever started the day and said.........I went out last night, well it was Friday and I have had a tough week I deserve to let my hair down. (sound familiar)?

Keep up its now the next morning -

Oh no is it really Saturday? Looking down at my delicate body :) you say to yourself I feel terrible, what is that on my tongue oh god the kebab....... wow my head hurts, I feel so tired, look at my stomach it is so bloated and I am exhausted NEVER AGAINNNNN.

Or how does this sound?

When I looked at myself in the mirror it was obvious that I had really been overdoing things my skin looks terrible and my eyes are still blood shot, I wish I hadn't drunk so much but they meaning my friends, brought those stupid shots out and I never drink them (uh yes you do!!!!) and I can feel that pizza sitting heavy on my stomach, still it was a great night out wasn't it? (you cant remember)?

I will just take it easy next week, yes I will definitely take more care of myself next week right?

That's it never again starting on Monday blah blah blah blah blah SHUT UP.

How often I have heard the words. Listen in the past I have said the same things, tomorrow it will be different, Monday I will start my new regime, I only do this occasionally? So back to the point.

Wow so in conclusion Mondays must be the healthiest days of the week right? Well scientifically there are studies that suggest the most searches relating to health occur on Mondays and Tuesdays and taper off (The American Medical Journal of preventative medicine 2014).

We take action when we feel bad, we take action when we look terrible after a blow out but why do we wait for this to happen? Do you really think that you body is just going to accept this level of abuse week in and week out without being compromised in some way? If you are one of the very very lucky few who sail through life without any health issues then well done to you, but sadly that is a small number in the big population of things and trust me an the statistics when I say the population is exploding and not just in number but in obesity.

Is it ever to late to take responsibility for your body, health and well being? No it isn't and we owe it to the next generation to show them how and why they can make their lives easier, get active, gain more energy and love life just a little bit more than they may do right now.

Can we still have nights where life is indulgent? Yes you always have a choice. You can do anything you want to you are just choosing not to increase the size of your arse, hips, heart rate, blood pressure, hangover this weekend.

If you are happy in your own skin then that is fantastic and good for you. However there are so many people out there who want some help just to get started but are not sure how to begin.

How many Mondays will it take until you get where you want to go?

If you are or considering a new training regime and you would like my help then get in touch, you can complete the enquiry form or call and I will be happy to book you in for your FREE not obligation 15 minute consultation.


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