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How can I begin again and turn my life around

Transformation can begin in a single moment, a moment that can turn your life around and move you forward, a moment that will take you away from stagnation and into action. By not taking the time out to think about who you really are and what you really want, are you being honest with yourself about your hopes, dreams and ambitions? Do you actually know what you want? What makes you happy, what makes you sad, what makes you passionate enough to be the loudest voice in the room no matter how much it conflicts with other peoples opinions (great leaders started out somewhere).

Why do you laugh at inappropriate moments? Is it out of nervousness and where did your quirky routines begin and then become the everyday comfortable routines that define you?

What happened to the crazy, spontaneous person that you were and when did this alien invader take over your life?

Take a moment to ask yourself "What am I passionate about"? what changed and why am I crawling forwards and not charging towards my dreams? why am I taking tiny steps as if I am not convinced about my worth or my vocation.

You know exactly what is going to happen day by day or do you? I admire people who have that sense of belonging so what happens when that isn't part of your life when you are not feeling the passion for anything including yourself and your dreams...... It is pretty hard to face a reality filled with emptiness but sometimes we have to hit the bottom before we can move forward, the alternative is to keep on hoping that someone or something will find the answer for you. Or you can act before things get so bad that you are lost. Listen to that niggling voice within you that intuition telling you to get moving before it is to late.

In a single moment you can make a decision to change and begin a new adventure. Simply by recognising who you are, right now is a starting point and once you have that starting point you have a reference to move forwards. Then ask yourself where am I going and define a point in time that you will reach your goal, a time when you will just know.....

Looking at the most important areas of life and really being honest with yourself will open up a word of possibilities and you will start to shine from within.

Follow your path make a choice and be open not overwhelmed by the changes that you attract because when the time is right the changes will happen with or without you.


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