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When you want results then you need to work with a professional who can help yu to identify the problems and behaviors that are holding you back.  Working with me on a One to  One basis for a consultation can help you to identify and make significant changes in your life.  Often coaches allow only an hour for a consultation and this can be frustrating when you are just beginning to make changes and have to stop.  this is why I ask that you take a minimum of 90 minute session. Depending on the situation packages can be tailored to suit you so please ask about multiple bookings availability.  As I will only work with a select number of clients your time is secured and this means you know when we are working together in advance and can work around that.  During our training and coaching you will begin to experience results quickly and will adapt your lifestyle to support your health and well being as you work on your program of Health changes.


If you have a problem that is holding you back in any of these areas I can help.  The list is by no means limited so please get in touch


Health Issues - How to move forward after a change in health

Career - Identify what you want

Personal Fitness Training - Make Fitness Part of Your Life

Natural Juice Therapy - Learn the how and why of Natural Juicing

Hypnosis - Reinforce positive behaviors

Time Line Therapy

Decision making - Taking a step forward

After Illness How to Move Forward

Weightloss or Weight Gain - What is right for you

Confidence Building - Overcoming the Fear Factor


You should always see advice from your own doctor or medical practitioner if you are unsure of your medication or require medical advice.  I will be happy to work along side your MD to support you. 


Prices start from £75.00 per hour and quotations for multiple coaching sessions are available and will be discussed during the intitial consultation.  I recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for your sessions. 


I am not a medical practitioner and do not diagnose, make claims to cure or prescribe medication.  I would advise you to seek medical advice from your GP before undertaking any activity if you feel that it is necessary and I am always will to liaise with your chosen GP to take into account any health related issues that you have.


One to One Consultations In Person From £45.00 Hourly rates

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  • I have a strict refund policy and for the 2 Day Breakthrough sessions.  7 days notice is required and I will give a 100% full refund.


    4 Days I will give a 50% refund

    48 Hours or under No Refund


    If notice is not given it means that my other clients cannot book the time slots available and it is difficutl to rebook at short notice so I would ask that you please take this into consideration when booking. 


    On some occasions there are extanuating circumstances where a client may need to cancel and I will be a flexible as I can and offer alternative dates to avoid disappointment.  Thank you for your understanding.


  • One to One coaching can be an amazing experience that can allow you to see the way forward when things become stuck or overwhelming.

    Together we will identify the things that you want to achieve, what is impacting on that success and they strategy and bahaviors that you will adopt in order to achieve your goal.


    You will begin to look and feel differently within a short space of time and can work on a varitey of different areas of your life in order to succeed.


    For a Free telephone introduction please call me on 01273


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