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My clients are amazing to work with and often fail to notice how their personal health and wellbeing is changing with their busy lifestyles.  I am asking you to STOP now and pay attention to what you are doing to look after yourself right now.  Making simple but effective changes to your daily life will bring about more empowering actions.  Working with me over 1 or 2 days of intensive coaching you will begin your transformation immediately and start to change the way you look and feel in your chosen area.  I only work with a small number of clients and my coaching begins over 1 or 2 Days of individual focus to get you moving again.  Coaching that will inspire you to bring about the necessary changes that will make a difference.   I come to your home or a location of your choice.  In order to know what is impacting on your health I have to understand how you live your life on a daily basis.  We spend 1 or 2 days (average day 10 - 4pm) working on you, finding out what the problems are and creating strategy and change that will bring a positve and life changing result.  I guarantee that you will feel, see and experience yourself changing during the weekend and this is just the beginning.

I need to know how you move, eat, sleep, shop, train, plan, think, talk, work and rest.

What is your aim?  Do you know how to move on?  What do you want for your future?


Be prepared to work hard, be open to change and it will bring valuable results. Clear your diary and lets get to work.  All coaching breakthrough sessions and training is followed up with 2 Skype sessions of 30 minutes within an 8 week period.  Additional training is available.


Please call me to discuss your requirements I am happy to help.  Stop putting up with being a part of you and lets find the whole of you.  What is your health worth to you?  Prices are bespoke and tailored to your individual requirements.  Coaching start from £450 per day  (travel and overnight costs will be required over 50 miles from my location and will be discussed during your Free consultation ).

1 or 2 Day Lifestyle Transformation Coaching starting from £450

  • Taking the first step is often the hardest decision to make.  Knowing that you have someone there who will support and encourage you every step of the way is priceless.

    We cannot always do things alone and sometimes it is easier to work with someone outside the family or friend circle.  Someone who has no pre-concieved ideas about us but a person who simply wants to help without judgement. 

    My coaching is individual, bespoke and intuitive.  I will help you to identify the areas that are impacting on your progress and together we will put steps into play that will create positive changes to your life. 

    Moving forwards instead of living in the past is exssential.  Being prepared to let yourself change right now will bring about benefits to your life if you just believe that you can do it.


    Day 1 - Identifying the problems that are stopping you from moving forwards

    Day 2 - Getting active, making changes and introducing new strategies to help you to achieve your goals.



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