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Lifestyle Changes That Transform Your Health


Lifestyle Transformation Coach

What is impacting on your health?


How to roll back the years lose weight and transform your health.

* Tired * Recovering from Illness * Stressed, * Overweight * Unhealthy * Lost confidence * Stuck * Undervalued * Unfit *

 * Scared of Failing

* Affected by Others Opinions

* Recovering or dealing with cancer or disability from illness?

The only way to move forward is to take action.


“When I needed to step forward I held the hand of someone who knew how to pick me up”

Joanne Morrison

Tattooed Wrists

My Story

I learned many years ago that when you have a problem it's the way you deal with it that shapes your life.  Until you are willing to change what you want to achieve does not change.

I have been working as a certified Coaching Professional for over 25 years. I trained with the best as an Army Physical Training Instructor and when I left the military I set up a very successful private Personal Training and Coaching Center in South Manchester where I specialised in Weight-loss and Conditioning training. I now work with a select number of clients who want to achieve their personal goals

What makes me the expert? I have faced significant health challenges in my life and these have challenged, tested and made me grow as a person. At 26 I was diagnosed with advanced aggressive cervical cancer as a result I had to deal with early menopause, childlessness, physical and emotional scars from the radiation treatment and the journey of recovery. In 2008 I was again diagnosed with skin cancer and within 3 months was devastated when I was told I had a Large Benign Menengioma Brain Tumor having had 18 months of siezures and strange behavior that I had no idea were being caused by this mass Throughout this time I was still training and coaching clients in and around London having sold my business in Manchester in 2007 . So life took a very steep detour and dosed up on masses of drugs and not knowing if I was going to survive or ever walk again I went off to Kings Hospital for a spot of brain surgery to remove the tumor. Little did I know that my journey was only just beginning. I spent the next 6 years learning how to walk again with physio and exercises, I had to learn how to move again, train again stand up again and live again. I had to deal with the emotional effect and the physical body changes that came with the brain injury.


I took my first steps with walking sticks and straps to keep my foot up. I fell over a lot because my brain didn't know how to correct itself and could not feel my leg why wouldn't it move? I took one step at a time and never gave up. My body was bloated from steroids and I had gained over 3 stone or 36lb within 3 months I looked like I was going to explode and I couldn't get off the drugs I spent weeks reducing the dosage and experiencing withdrawal. I was trapped in a body I didn't know and I was lonely and scared and angry. Why me why do I get sick? Seriously there is no point in fighting with yourself it only causes more pain but what you can do is change......


I changed my life and my behavior because I wanted to live life to the full in the best possible way that I could and there was no way that this was going to let this happen again without a fight. I knew that I had to make more changes to support my body if I was going to live. I understand that only by creating positive change can you move forward. Often when a client has been very sick with cancer, disability, grief and life changing events their health continues to suffer it can be distressing and overwhelming and the way forward may not be clear. Sadly it often takes a significant event to happen before we take action. I personally understand the challenges that you face and can show you how to bring positive achievable changes into your life. Great people use the experts around them and let go of the anxiety and stress. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you! Every client is different and as such my services are bespoke and individual. It took a team of dedicated people to get me to where I am today, I didn't do it on my own so why should you. This photograph was taken in 2015 in the mountains in France and although I may never ski again I can snow walk and who knows maybe one day I will ski if I just take another step. I never thought I would ever do that but I did and for that I am thankful.

Get In Touch

‘Inspirational’ is a much over-used word but, in Jo’s case, it’s the only one that will do. Not only is she one of the most dedicated, motivated and knowledgeable coaches you could wish for, but she is also one of the kindest. She never gives up on you, even when you start to give up on yourself, and her own story of overcoming so many serious medical problems makes you realise that if she can keep going and improving, so can you. Thanks to Jo, I have turned from someone who thought ketchup was a vegetable into someone who can’t go a day without spinach and kale featuring somewhere in a juice. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, yet, but thanks to Jo I am at least on the right road. And, I know I can count on her to get me the rest of the way.

Eileen Riley - Editor

I just wanted to pass on my thanks along with an update of my new lifestyle change.

Since listening to you (repeatedly) about all the benefits making our own fresh juices along with sensible main meals and to moderate exercise for the last 8 weeks, I have lost a stone and Tracey 9 pounds.

Wishing Jo every success.

Richard & Tracey Collins

Jo is such an inspirational coach working with her was such a life change for me. I just needed someone to work with me. I was overweight had no energy and struggled to get motivated. Jo helped me to identify the specific areas that I needed to change small things that were having a big affect on my life.

I am so happy with the results and my life is filled with energy I am finally enjoying exercise and have stopped dieting and started eating food that makes me feel good about myself.

Thank you Jo

Mary F

Coaching Services

The Power Of Choice - Moving On, Moving Forward

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Female Athlete


Guidance & Inspiration

Lifestyle Transformation can be the keys to a sustainable happier, healthier future. No nonsense powerful inspiring coaching that will create healthier behaviors in all areas of your life and be free of the boundaries you may set for yourself every day. Don't wait until you reach the point where your health has a serious affect on your ability to move forward. My Mission is to work with you to identify the behaviors that you adopt that are impacting on your health. Coaching that will provide you with the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. I offer a choice of fast track intensive coaching with amazing results and online Coaching follow ups. You will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Call now to schedule your bespoke coaching program.

Diet Salad

Weight Specific Coaching

Embrace Life’s Challenges

Body Image, weight Loss or gain, can become a major issue for women at all stages in their lives.  Bombarded with media images showing us how wonderful life is if we look a certain way when what we need to to is love the way we look right? It is unrealistic to aspire to be like a fake image and it is emotionally devastating. In times of change, challenging situations and emotional events your body will change. In reality, there will always be moments we have little to no control over how our body manifests itself, our food choices and fitness expectation but, what we can always control is how we react to those moments. With my Weight Specific Coaching sessions, you’ll learn to exert your power of choice over how you view yourself and why it is you that matters and how what you think will dictate your power over  whatever life may throw at you.

ARNI - Functional Rehabilitation After Stroke

Confidence - Mobility - Future

I have a problem, when I get passionate about a project that I know is the right way forward or a situation that does not sit well with my values.  Today there are over 150,000 have a stroke annually and for most it is not fatal with 85% surviving.  The crazy statistic is that 1.2 million, yes you read that 1.2 million people are living with the effects of stroke at any one time.  Clinical rehabilitation often just is not enough and time is limited.   People living with stroke related disabilities may not know that there are ARNI Trainers around the country like me who can help.  I will work with you for as long as it takes to help you get back the dignity of being able to live a more normal life, to get active again and see your future as a positive place.

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